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Paternity Petition Program

About the program
Information checklist
Computer requirements
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About the program

Paternity means fatherhood. When you file your petition, the court will have a hearing in Family Court to decide who is the child's biological father. If paternity is found, the court will issue an "Order of Filiation." This order states who is the child's legal biological father.

You can use this free program if:

  • You are the mother AND you are not married to the other parent,
  • You are a man who believes he is the father AND you are not married to the other parent.

This program has audio for your convenience.

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Information checklist

You will need the following information with you when you use this program:

  • The name and address of the other parent.
  • The names and birth dates of the children.
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Computer requirements

You must have the following on your computer to use this program:

  1. Adobe Flash to see the program. Download it now for free.
  2. Microsoft Word to properly view and print the completed court forms. If you do not have Word, you can download Word Viewer now for free and view and print Word documents, even if you donít have Word on your computer.

    Note: Microsoft WordPad is not the same as Microsoft Word. WordPad will cause problems with your documents.

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Paternity Petition Program

Note: You will be taken to our partner website called LawHelp Interactive.

You can "Sign Up to Save Your Work" or go directly to the program without signing up by clicking on "Get Started" or "Go". Then check to agree to the Terms of Use and click on "Continue" to begin the program.

NYS DIY Forms are only for court users who don't have a lawyer and legal services and pro bono attorneys and staff helping clients who cannot afford lawyers. Commercial use is prohibited and no one may charge for using these programs. When you begin the program, you will be asked to accept these terms of use.

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This program was created by a partnership between the state courts and the civil justice community.

Last updated on April 24, 2014

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